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Did you know most of the people who are homeless are not even counted as being homeless?! According to the Point In Time Count Report, which measures the homeless population, the counts are only of the people in shelters and on the street. That’s why I’m raising awareness and addressing the different aspects of homelessness that often go unnoticed or unspoken. Read on
Pressure, stress, degrading mental health — all of these are the effects of being a young adult or teen in high school today. Even before we become full-fledged high schoolers, we already feel that pressure. Read on
Many students in middle school face the challenges of fitting in with the social cliques or navigating social media. As a 14-year-old Indian American teen, I however faced another challenge — defending myself from microaggressions and insults about my race. If school curriculum incorporated Asian immigrants’ stories or events that helped form the Asian American community, teens would be more educated. Read on
Venting is getting your feelings out to someone you trust, while oversharing is saying things you didn't mean to say, which people could use against you. Here metro Atlanta teens answer the question: "What's one thing you shouldn't post on social media" Read on
Tucker, GA, is now the most recent city in Georgia to pass an NDO. Only 15 cities in Georgia have an NDO, which protects minority groups from discrimination in housing, the workplace, and public accommodations on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, and disability. Read on
What is the best genre of music? Can there be a universal truth if everyone has a different opinion? Well, VOX Media Cafe reporter Daniel Miller is here now to find out. Read on