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At 7 pm on January 18, 2024 I sat underneath the humming fluorescent lights of the Cobb County School Board building, surrounded by parents, peers, and beige-painted walls. When they called my name, I walked hesitantly toward the center of the room, arrived at the podium, adjusted the mic, and propped my elbows up on…

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So, how do we reframe our mindset and approach when hearing the question, “So, what are you going to do with your life?” Read on
"This state of mind is not a joke and it can hurt many, many people," writes VOX ATL contributor Isaiah Nahi. "Something needs to be done about the rise of incels." Read on
While "Barbie" might not be the most thought provoking, serious and gritty film of the award season, it’ll forever remain in the cultural zeitgeist because it meant something to so many people and brought me joy when I needed it most. Read on
So, are curse words still shocking? It depends on several variables. Read on
While we can’t undo centuries worth of environmental damage, we can take small steps forward in our everyday lives. With a newfound respect towards the environment, helping it will be a lot easier than before. Here are five ways to help.   Read on