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Dear Hidden Girl EP. 3: “Body” [VIDEO]

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Dear Hidden Girl…

Did you know you have a body? We all do. No matter what it looks like, how it functions or how
we may view it, we all have one. Did you know your body tries it’s absolute hardest to carry you
in this world?

Hidden girl do you know what body autonomy is? It’s your right to your body, to govern your
body, just like your voice.

You have the right to explore your body, to learn and examine your body, to know your body.

Your body deserves to be taken care of, you deserve it.

Your body has value and worth and that does not change because you or someone else can’t
seem to find it that way.

Your body has the right to be respected and treated with care and kindness no matter how it
looks or functions.

You deserve to let go of beauty standards, let your body be free of that harm.
Beauty isn’t one dimensional, neither are humans.

You have the right to be at terms with your body, to like your body…even to love your body. I
know that for some of us that can seem unattainable, but it’s not. We can take it one step at a

So let’s take a step, breathe with me, I want you to say this to your body right now..

“I am grateful for you, thank you for all your hard work”

Good job! You took a step, I’m proud of you.

Oh and p.s. treat yourself with kindness and remember you are human also go drink some

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