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Collage by Zariah Taylor

VOX Teen Poetry: Quarantine Things

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It’s the latest trend
Even cooler than stocking up toilet paper or staying in
Don’t just do it once but again and again
The cool kids are doing it
It’s now our only weapon
Make sure you do it for at least 20 seconds
Soap, warm water,
That’s the grand plan
Don’t forget guys, Please wash your hands.

24 hours in a day
1,140 minutes
and 86,400 seconds
What could I do with all this time?
A quarantined teen with a lot on his mind.
What is there to do?
Sit back, watch Netflix, and eat up all the food.
Stress out about assignments on online school?
Well, its…COVID-19 The most unpleasant thing to happen this spring
Corona Virus! All Fox News Rings
Whether social distancing in the house alone.
Feeling like life is over and you moan and groan
Your safety is important
So stay home.

Imagine a world where everything is gone at the store
Nothing at Walmart, Costco, or your local corner store
The shelves are empty and the prices are up
Somebody tried to fight me for sanitizer
Could you believe my luck?
The lines are long and the money is slow
“Hey, can I buy that for $50…the last tissue roll”
Closets stocked up with so much food
Everybody’s panic buying, and I am too.
A painful pandemic, I hope it ends soon.

This is for the conspiracy theorist
The ones who have a different set of eyes
Ever considered that COVID-19 was one elaborate lie
The government has led us on for as long as we know
And now when we want to leave the house they say no
Ever considered that the virus was controlled
That this was a plan that was previously foretold Corona this, Corona that
Corona I want my springtime back
Governor Kemp made us Shelter-In-Place
What if this virus is the downfall of the human race
Of course, these are all what if’s But still heed to demands
All you have to do is stay home and wash your hands

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