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Artwork by Asia Rodney-Collins

VOX Teen Poetry: “Idealism”

by share

excellence is subjective
i’m not what they want
i’m the adversary
excellence is entirely subjective
furthermore, nobody dare holds me
you see,
in each town you travel
in each shop you enter
in each spot you visit
i’m the one
you address and fail to remember the following day
you hear me
shouting for help
recount my tale
i attempt and attempt
what’s more, still the quietness talks stronger than me
the lone ones who appears to mind
is my companion who passes by the name no one

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About Asia Rodney-Collins

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Asia, 13, is a student at Emma Willard School. She is a poet, writer, and creative, who spent time using her experiences to advocate for minority groups. Among other interests...

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