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Art by Dentavious Roberson

VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Ego and Empathy’

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Humble yourself

Who are you, what have you done?

It may be a bright day for you but who’s to say others like the sun

You gain a head start large enough to look down on others and chatter

While they’re left in the dust, not even handed a ladder

It happens way too often

There is no telling who taught it

But you shouldn’t be self-absorbed that’s how you build your own coffin

Be someone’s friend

Don’t act hard and pretend

Because once you fall to your knees who can you call in the end

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About Dentavius Roberson

/VOX ATL Staff

Dentavius, 18, is from Atlanta and enjoys reading, music, and writing. "I would consider myself 100% honest and truthful with anything."...

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