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VOX Teen Art: “I Can’t Breathe”

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“I can’t breathe.”

Those were the last words we heard from George Floyd as the video was replayed millions of times all across the world. Floyd was a victim of systematic racism just as others were such as Ahmaud Arbery and Breyonna Taylor and countless other Black lives. The unsettling video shocked not only the nation, but the world. Hundreds of Black lives die by the hands of police brutality, and Floyd’s last words created a movement revealing the disturbing nature of America’s governmental racial oppression for years.

My artwork may be unsettling and disturbing, but those feelings are real and valid. Those feelings are what millions of people are feeling. Those feelings are what the family’s of the victims shown in the background were feeling. Those feelings should be felt by everyone, and until we see change, we will always feel uneasy.

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