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#WHYIMARCH: I March for Our Future

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I march because I deserve the right to feel safe in my school; I deserve the right to feel safe at the movies; I deserve the right to feel safe in any public place.

I march because it is ridiculous that almost anybody can easily obtain semi-automatic weapons, or other weapons or modifications that turn a gun into a weapon of war. My life, my safety at school should always come before guns, and as a country we are failing in our ability to protect our most vulnerable, so I am marching for change.

We need change in the laws, change in the politicians running our country, and change in how our voices are heard. It’s time that politicians listen to our voices and listen to what we have to say, rather than just listening to money they get from the NRA.

I march so that we can finally bring an end to mass shootings, and use common sense to combat gun violence. Most importantly I am not marching alone. I march with other students who aren’t afraid to speak up. I march with the future.

Ethan is a 10th grader at Centennial High School and one of the organizers of March For Our Lives Atlanta, a youth-led, nonpartisan call for common sense gun legislation.  

The march will kickoff at 11 a.m. this Saturday, March 24, at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. 

The youth organizers of March For Our Lives Atlanta are speaking up through VOX. To share your voice, your story, your opinion, email or click here. Include your age and school if applicable, and we’ll email you back if we have questions.


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