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Art by Aidan Ventimiglia, Video by Daya Brown

Let Me Talk Please: The Impact of Departure [VIDEO]

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Many of us find ourselves in an affliction we call departure. In other words, at any age, most go through this thing called divorce. When what you thought was real love leaves and becomes the forgotten love, we wonder if love truly exists.

Lauryn Flynn lets us inside her story for a moment as she captivates our hearts by describing this experience that has ultimately changed her life. She will walk us through this feeling of pain, growing up, depression, and to one day accepting the great outcome of it. A 2019 study published by the World Psychiatry Association states that 20-25% of teenagers impacted by divorce will go through psychological, social, and physical pain.

Lauryn is very appreciative of her godmother & God for helping her walk through this journey. Lauryn wants everyone to know when they’re going through hardship to do what makes them feel best alive. She states, “Everybody goes through some kind of pain, this will help me be more understanding and to other people.”

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