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“Dear Hidden Girl” EP. 2: Voice [VIDEO]

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Dear hidden girl…

Your voice matters. You’re beautiful. And you know something? People want to hear your
voice. they really want to hear it! Even if we haven’t met those people yet.

The people that smothered and silenced your voice should have realized how amazing it is.
you’re safe to use your voice here.

I want you to make me think, to make me wonder, to make me view things in a way I never
have before. I want to know what goes on in your mind and I want you to know your voice is
important and necessary and you are so capable of doing that.

Your voice is meaningful. Your voice belongs to you and you only. It’s yours. Your voice shares,
it has purpose. Your voice deserves to be respected, your voice deserves to be heard.
Your voice deserves to roar.

Own your voice. Your thoughts, your emotions, your experiences matter, just as much as theirs.
Don’t let your voice be smothered and stomped out. Don’t let them silence you. Own your voice,
because you owning your voice is stronger than all of their efforts to silence you.

Share your voice even if that means you can only share it with yourself.

Own your voice, value your voice and story, hear your voice, So that no one will truly have the
power to silence you. And when the people who will value your voice come, they can hear you.
So, hidden girl ROAR! even if you can only roar in your own mind, do it anyway!

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if using your voice out loud jeopardizes your safety, I want you to remember that your voice
matters and deserves to be heard. there is no shame in needing to be heard.
Your voice matters. You own your voice no one else does, and remember to stay safe.

And P.S.
You’re a magnificent person

Dear Hidden Girl EP. 1

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