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VOX ATL Talks Teen Business With Fly Familia Clothing Founder Carl White III [VIDEO]

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When 19-year old Carl White III, was a student at Arabia Mountain High School he chose to pave his own way and start a clothing line during his sophomore year of high school career. White figured since he was already starting to get noticed because of his football skills (he still holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in school history) that he should try starting a business to capitalize off his popularity.

“I’ve always loved fashion ever since I was young,” says White, who is now a freshman at Georgia State University. “I always tried to dress nice, it made me feel better. So I thought why not start a brand to make money off what I like doing too?”

White created his brand Fly Familia after he got good feedback from showing off his designs around school and on social media. The young entrepreneur describes Fly Familia as “being an united family” because those who wear it have a similar taste in fashion and style.

“I loved shopping and putting pieces together that made me feel comfortable in what I was wearing,” says White about his personal style.

Many local and national celebrities including platinum-selling artist Silento (“Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae”), “Water” artist Joe Gifted and NFL player Damian Swann have been seen wearing the brand. Upcoming artist Guap Tarantino and Georgia Tech football player TaQuon Marshall have been spotted in the clothes as well. White also tells VOX ATL that his designs have been selling in the United Kingdom.

“Find something, stick to it , and keep going” is what this young entrepreneur has to say to those who want to try their hand at becoming their own boss.

Check out our video interview with White to hear more of his story.

Chasity attends Arabia Mountain High School , and plans to graduate from University of West Georgia with a Master’s degree in Journalism .

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