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Pictured: Brie Lawson as Captain Marvel (Photo: Disney)

‘Captain Marvel’ Brings Her Fists of Fury to Inspire Women Everywhere

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Don’t let the title confuse you. Despite the name, many fail to realize that Captain Marvel is actually a woman. Portrayed by Brie Larson, the star of Marvel’s latest superhero film, “Captain Marvel” is our shero and the epitome of “fight like a girl!”

Standing tall, Carol Danvers constantly struggles facing her past. On Planet HALA, the capitol of Kree civilization, she struggles to find herself and become the noble warrior she has sought out to be.

However, due to being in the middle of two galactic wars against alien races, Captain Marvel is forced to face her past on earth. Through her journey, she recalls the many times she was told she wasn’t ready or strong enough.

Among her past and present, she is doubts having what it takes to be a warrior. Throughout almost every major part of her life, she seeks out to make things right and puts her “fists of fury” to great use.

Hitting theaters this Friday, March 8, this is the perfect movie for Women’s History Month! The film is action-packed and full of inspiration for women and girls everywhere.

Tierra Ola, 18, attends Banneker High and is half Nigerian. This is her first piece for VOX ATL.

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