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Above artwork by Alexis Muoka, VOX Teen Staff

VOX Teen Poetry: The Modern (Wo)man

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The modern man will never understand the modern woman

“Women back in the day respected their husbands”

“She stayed home and took care of the kids”

“She was happy to be a wife, and even happier to be a mother”

He denounces the women of today and applauds the women of yesterday

With his feet on the table and a drink in his hand

He feels cheated

His father and his grandfather enjoyed the dream the modern man now describes

He did everything just like them, but missed out on the promise 

The promise of a maternal and docile wife

He doesn’t understand that in his grandfather’s day, the choice for a wife was to be docile or be abused

Because no one would ever tell a man how to discipline his wife

He doesn’t understand that failure to do housework or raise and bear children well rendered a woman useless, and therefore unworthy of a husband

And even if the best of husbands then could only offer a gilded age, it was all a woman could do to be married

But if he realized that only in the time of their father did it become legal for a women to own a credit card in her own name

He might think twice before upsetting themselves over the fact that a girl will always check the financial status of a man

And instead of calling her a gold digger, he might see that this is how her mother and grandmother survived

That’s when he responds with the idea that times have changed, and that he no longer has to provide everything (he doesn’t and he never did)

He wants to see the times change but not his female counterparts

Because he can’t understand why a women’s biggest dream has changed

He can’t understand why it is no longer to be a wife

He can’t understand why it is no longer to be a mother

He can’t understand why the modern woman’s biggest dream is no longer to serve the modern man

And he will only become more confused as the modern woman frees herself


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