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VOX Teen Poetry: “Revival”

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This is our revival
Beyond the blue-whites of the sky
And the blue-green horizon
Behind the salt-laced breeze
Secluded, uncorrupted

Across the ocean are lands
Overflowing with gold and riches
Lands soon to be filled with
Broken, unkept promises and
Forsaken memories

Let us remember
These truths
Henceforth and forevermore

This is our revival
To the new world we shall go
Where we will establish ourselves,
Enjoying the freedom to live, to love,
To prosper

Unless you have the misfortune of
Sharing the hue of burnt sienna
Like rust on chains
Given time,
All of your supposed
Impurities will no longer remain

With a fair complexion as protection
You, too, shall enjoy the fruits
Of your labor

This is our revival
Let us not forget that the land
Was not without intelligent life
In the name of “Civilization”
Why not teach those violent savages
Some hospitality

Infect them
Slay them
Relocate them
Steal their land

(For five dollars
You and your family
Can play dress up)

This is our revival
Our spirits were killed
For four centuries
We drank your bitter cup
Still hoping that
You would lead us across the river

But our thirsts have not been quenched
An insatiable hunger for truth,

We, the foundation upon which this
Divided nation was built,
Are strong, beautiful,

We are everything under the sun
We are an undying star
That gives light to this world
The salt which flavors this Earth

This is our revival
Though you burned our history
To cloak the truth
Of the atrocities enacted
In the name of dominance,
From the ashes we shall be born again

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Like blood on wood and
Salt on flesh
Under the Ultraviolet light
Hidden truths shall be revealed

Despite the scarlet stained passt
Our crowns still grow to the sky
Within the fertile womb of excellence
A rebirth is upon us
And it shall be

This is our revival.

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Brian M. Kluttz, 17, attends the illustrious Jonesboro High School. Also known as "The Wordsmith," Brian uses his gift of writing to speak life, knowledge, and truth into the ...

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