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This Pain, It Hurts

by share

VOX Poetry

Sometimes the pain you hold is worse than

the pain you’re experiencing

Both hurt …

But holding it in,

you have a chance to experience

even more hurting.

Trying to analyze

How it happened

What should’ve happened

Why did it happen

But then realizing …

You remember that pain is still hurting

and you’re hurting more

Realizing the pain is still there,

and it still hurts..

After hours, days, weeks, months and, sometimes, years

Even now, realizing I’m still trying to cover up this painful mess

With layers of make-up,

Tons of pains

Fighting my own eyes to keep the tears awa

I just want you to know you hurt me

Through my skin, in my head,

you hurt my heart …

I realize now who really hurt me

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