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‘The Salon’ A Poem about Hair

by share

This poem is for the broken combs and blue magic

For pink lotion and just for me texturizers

I sat for 5 hours

In a hot salon that smelled of crack conditioner and oil sheen

There is where I learned that I defy gravity

I learned that finger waves make your hair grow

And essential oils were the only thing that will hydrate my crown

My tiara that never falls

But rocks and sways like a pentecostal choir on Sundays

And absorbs kisses from midday sun rays

This poem is for the TCB styling gel and the barrette box

For the baby doll curls and the JAM edge control

I sat in her chair and watched her unravel my dead cell wicker basket

I learned that over head dryers burn your ears

And if you fall asleep while she’s straightening your hair you better not jump

I listened to her baby play with his trucks

I watched her daughter sweep up the residuals of newly created confidence

I hold my head high

Only look down when she’s working on the back

Hold your head high

Only look down when she’s working on the back

This poem is for my mother

Who put rainbows of ribbons in my hair

Who said “to hell with the combing Ima just put a bow right there”

She made sure this hair went with EVERY outfit

My puffballs bounced like a basketball in the summertime

I learned to improvise.

We created the twist out

I used to hate my bantus

And they’re so new to you

This poem is for the night before Easter

Hot comb sizzling on the stove

Keeping butter on the counter because she “barely even touched me”

This poem is for the pretty white girl who made fun of my cornrows in 3rd grade

I believe i saw her on Instagram with the same ones the other day

I learned, to never forget my scarf

To comb from ends to roots

To moisturize

To improvise

To never hold my head down

To never let my tiara fall

To bounce back like basketballs

To love my hair.

To be my hair.


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