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The Powerful Life Lesson for Teens Contained in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

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Last year’s “Avengers: Infinity War” left fans on the edge of their seats begging for more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but were forced to wait an entire year before the return of their beloved superheroes in “Avengers: The Endgame” now in theaters.

When given the opportunity to see the advance screening of the movie last week at Atlantic Station, I was thrilled yet despondent. I was eager to see the team back together again and finally figure out what happened to those they called, “The Vanished” yet, in the back of mind I still had the fear of, “If Thanos can beat them once, he can, sure enough, do it again and though it would suck, it would technically wrap ‘The Avengers’ series.”

In the movie, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man says, “Five years ago, we lost friends, we lost family, we lost all of us.” That one line made me truly understand the mutual dismay among the Avengers. The portrayal of so many strong characters finally revealing both their fears and weaknesses to the audience drew more admiration from me. I believe that every film leaves you with a message, and “Endgame” left us with a powerful one that resonated with me.

When you’ve reached your lowest point, when all hopes are absolutely lost, and you are faced with silence in your darkest times— remember there will always be someone there for you, no matter how far away they seem.

Fans, critics, and honestly almost anyone could take away that message and apply it to their life in some form or another.  “Avengers: Endgame” accurately closes a chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but opens up discussion for possible future characters and series.

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Being an Avenger is not just about having powers or some form of physical fighting advantage, but it’s the trait of fighting and pursuing life to the very last second. A quality that can be found in all of us.

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