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Can High School Counselors Get Any Better? North Springs High School Students Share Their Thoughts

A group of students at North Springs High School have a candid discussion about the quality of high school counselors and offer some thoughts on how counseling in school can be improved.

This written statement was also provided the North Spring High School administration: ““North Springs Administration respects the views and opinions of its student journalists.”

HIRE BETTER PEOPLE!: VOX ATL Talks To Teens and Experts About School Counseling

VOX ATL teen staff reporter Paige talked to teens at the Silence the Shame Teen Mental Health Cope Clinic. She asked teens to keep it real about the quality of high school counselors, and she talked to an expert, Dr. Adrienne, to find out why teens aren’t getting what they expect from school counselors.

Shoutout to producer BRIGHTBOY who we met there for letting us use his music!