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Poetry Selections “The Dream” and “My American Dream”

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The selection of poems was written when I was posed the question, “Is there an African-American Dream?” In my literature class, during a discussion about hope, freedom, and dreams, the question stuck out because every one of my peers’ answers were different. The thought of discrimination because of my skin color was reality yet because of my young age, I wasn’t allowed to express my opinion about the topic. Now at age 16, my opinion matters and here’s what I have to say:

“The Dream” 

The dream is but a dream– the American dream

where whites have flourished and the clouds have schemed

where my people have been stricken by poverty

led down such a hopeless stream

The dream is but a dream– where we have to sleep to see.

“My American Dream”

I am a citizen of America — a place of dreams, a place of hope

maybe even of rigid freedom

but i’m sad to say with knowledge of how America works — the dream is asleep —

knocked out from narcotics

but hope for prosperity is still alive

I wake up everyday hoping I will be achieve something better and greater because my ancestors didn’t get a chance to .

My dream is much like theirs I dream it all the time — to be in that top 2%

Running America but not trying to re-enslave them.

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