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‘fine.’ A Poem to the Man Who Yelled at Me While I Was Jogging

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 this is addressed to the grown man who rolled down the window of his beat up 2004 impala upon seeing me jog down atlanta road to yell,

“Damn shawty! Who you tryna get fine for?”

well if you must know, sir —

I’m tryna get fine for that brownie waiting for me at home — excuse me, both of those brownies waiting for me at home.

I’m tryna get fine for every staircase that I ever come across. it’s only my duty to make sure no step catches me slippin, catches me huffing and puffing

I’m tryna get fine for that bell that rings right before my first class starts in the morning, because it sneaks up on me and I got one tardy left

I’m tryna be fine for wednesdays at bible study, ’cause somebody’s auntie went a lil overboard during communion and now she pulling me out in the aisle, so I got two seconds to be slain in the spirit or else mama gon slay me in the car

I’m tryna be fine for that Isaiah Rashad concert, because as soon as the ticket scanner beeps I am making a beeline for the barricade

now let me tell you

that I’m not tryna be fine for a guy, see — if he’s with me, he shouldn’t be worried about me being fine as if he ain’t got a stomach,

he shouldn’t yell at me for not making dinner as if his second home isn’t Chick-fil-A,

shouldn’t expect me to do no laundry as if he ain’t wear those drawers three days in a row last week.

If this boy is more busy worrying about me lookin fine

than feelin fine

then this boy is not for me.

so to the grown ass man who pulled up in his broke down 2004 impala and asked me who I was tryna get fine for —

the answer is no one.

I’m just tryna make sure that I’ll be fine.


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