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Ita: Justice Is A Very Powerful Word

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Artist’s Statement: Justice, a seven-letter word that emphasizes equality for all and being fair. Gaining justice may not always be easy, but we must persevere and not give up. We must speak up about the injustices we see, and we have to let our voices be heard in order to help change occur. The pursuit of justice means speaking up, and making a change to help make this world a better place!

Justice is a very powerful word. Till this day, we see many injustices occurring. Justice is the act of fighting for fair rights. It is the process of making a change, to not allow for the same situation to repeat itself.

Ita , 16, Conyers, GA.

Break Silence

Sometimes, seeing injustices may not be easy, but breaking silence and speaking up will allow us to help make a change in this world! Rockdale County, GA. 3/28/2021


In order to pursue justice, it is important to know and understand what justice means. We must recognize when something is wrong, and we must love our brothers and sisters. Rockdale County, GA. 3/29/2021


In the process of gaining justice, it is important to be untied as a community no matter age, gender, ethnicity, or race. We are all human beings, and it is important to stand in solidarity with one another. Rockdale County, GA. 3/29/2021


As human beings, we must help make this world a better place and be the change we want to see! Rockdale County, GA. 3/30/2021.


Sometimes it may seem difficult to gain justice. There are many things that occur in the pursuit of justice, but we must not give up. We must keep on fighting to help make a positive change! Rockdale County, GA. 3/30/2021.


Fighting for justice is not always easy. Sometimes there are several things that go behind gaining justice — some of them are speaking up and protesting. In this country, we have the freedom of speech, and we must speak up and let our voices be heard! Rockdale County, GA. 3/31/2021.




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