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i want a home without death          without fear //

the house i live in          struggles with welcoming me //

it doesn’t accept my skin          just because it is riddled in naps & honey //


i want a honey          riddled in naps //

i want to nap   with my honey               in a home without death //

with love          up the street from a church rejoicing //

that another day has gone by               & our offerings didn’t include another black body //


a church that isn’t burned               because it believes in freedom //

i wonder if america               believes in freedom //

or          was its faith lynched at birth too          by white supremacy //

was it gunned down?               i know some who were //

because of their skin //

because          they wanted to live here //


the home i live in          wants to shove a bullet down my throat //

do you think                   it would make killing my culture an easier acceptance to swallow //


i spoke to God               & i asked him

what should i do          when i am beaten for wanting freedom for everyone too //

i’ve heard nothing from him since //

maybe that’s all i can do                       nothing //


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DeAndre Washington is an 18-year old from Washington D.C. attending Morehouse College. He has been writing poetry since he was 14. He was a member of Words, Beats, & Life’s 2016 poetry slam team, and a member of Split This Rock’s 2016 Writers Guild. DeAndre has performed at venues such as the Kennedy Center, Teach for America events and many others around the District of Columbia.

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