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3 Ways To Get Lost at a Falcons Game in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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My first visit to the new Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta was some of the most fun I have ever had that included sports. Standing directly under the stadium makes you feel 2 feet tall. From where I stood, I couldn’t help but to imagine how many people would have to stand on top of each other’s heads to reach the top. The giant silver Falcon statue on the outside is just as dynamic and does not appear inferior to the stadium. The pride in the metallic wings of the Falcon made me feel excited to be a Falcons fan for the day.

Although we didn’t snag a win for this game against the Dolphins, the Falcon pride in the stadium remained unwavering after the game. However, if you don’t want to experience an “I lost my mom in the supermarket” moment while in the stadium, here are some tips to navigating your way through its many floors and seating areas. 

Do Not Follow the Smell of Food

Every floor is equipped with surprisingly affordable eating options. From an $8.00 Big Nacho to $12 barbecue wings, you do not have to travel far from your seat to satisfy your stomach…so please don’t. Once you start walking and wandering around the stadium it may be a while before you make it back full circle to your seat.

Beware of Freebies

As soon as you walk in the door there is typically someone there to hand you a free towel and sometimes a bag depending on the day. On my first trip to the stadium, a section received free pizza during half time. Keep in mind that these events are entirely random and actively searching for the best sections to win the freebies may leave you wondering how you ended up on both ends of the upper section so quickly.

Being a Seat-hopper

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We all do it. Once someone finally leaves to take a bathroom break or seems like they won’t return, we hop from our seats near the clouds to get closer to the action on the field.  My dad and I arrived early just to get a view of the field before the rest of the crowd came in. It was definitely a different feeling being so close to the field compared to the balcony where our seats were. Our seats up top were nothing short of a great view nonetheless, but being right on the action has to be an undeniable experience. Although it may be tempting, beware of diving for the first open seat you see below you just in case some enthusiastic fans come behind and snag them before you do.

Destine (pictured with her father) is a senior at Mays High School who writes for the amazing VOX Teen Communications.

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