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Black Girl Fly

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Black Woman

I am black woman

I am brown

Brown, dirt is brown

They think I am dirt, dust

They clean me out from underneath their fingernails

Wrinkle their noses in disgust

But no, I am brown

Brown, black soil, fertile

I am soil

I am your roots

Without me no trees

No oxygen for you to breathe

No plants

As they get their green from me

Pretty for a black girl

Pretty for a dark skinned girl

Oh you don’t act black

You’re smart, and quiet, and ghetto

Black girl, sassy

Black girl, loud

Black girl, weave, food stamps

Black girl, baby mama drama

Black girl, no one wants to date

I heard a rumor that the Weeknd tells the bouncers not to let in black girls at certain shows

How can I help but not be offended?

As if there is something wrong with black girls in particular

Don’t tell me its preference

Don’t compare it to gender

Don’t tell me to be less sensitive

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t feel some type of way

Yes, I feel some type of way

When they measure my worth based on Eurocentric standards

Can’t you see my look is authentic, original

But they want copies, And I refuse to give them those views

My worth is not in my appearance

But if you want to get technical

Melanin is worth 384 dollars a gram

I’m valuable even if you don’t see it

Even if you ignore it

But how can you ignore such beauty, such grace

Get out my face with that anti-blackness

Can’t you see you’ve been brainwashed

I want to wash my hands of the times

I’ve wanted to change the texture of my hair, the shape of my body, or the color of my skin

I’ve thought to myself would I get noticed more if I was white or Hispanic or light skinned

Would my presence be more appreciated if my look was more marketable, if my mind was less strong, if

my voice more faint

I just want to fly

To be free of stereotypes

Free of stares, looks,

Free to be black

Black girl, unfiltered

Black girl, unique

I want wings

Massive wings

Wings big enough to swallow oppression

Swallow depression

Swallow pent up aggression

I long to be a part of the sky

Black girl fly

In the night

Fly, Fly

Black girl fly

logo-AWW-red-black-sqScenarious, 18, attends Georgia State University and shared this piece at the Decatur Book Festival poetry slam, co-hosted by VOX/Atlanta Word Works and Verbaleyze.  

The next Atlanta Word Works workshop at VOX will be this Saturday, Oct. 8, 3-5 p.m. Email Sarah for details or to sign up.

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