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Photo illustration by Ramaya Thomas

VOX Teen Poetry: Dewy Mornings

by share

the dimmed sun awakened me
as if i was woken by a storm
to see the complexity of the
vivid oranges and the blues
as if i was a virgin to this sight
but these oranges and blues were
the definition of my curves
and for the first time in forever,
i have woken up from a slumber
and finally thought that i was beautiful
no, my curves may not look like hers
or hers over there
but my curves are found in the clouds
that so desire the enlightenment
the light in my eyes are found in the
cool breeze that you feel through your spine
my rhymes are found in the vivid oranges & blues
my voice is in the early morning hums and goodbyes
i am the sun with curves so contoured
voice that forms into you listening
eyes that make you wonder if you are dreaming
poetry that rolls off of the tongue as if you are saying the alphabet
so hello sunrise

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Daya, 16, attends Westlake High School. Daya has the ability to awaken a room when her words come to life through her voice. Her goal in life has always been to impact the gir...

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