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Third Eye POV EP2: Backpack Kid Talks About Teenage Fame

In the latest episode of Third Eye Point of View, hosts Atiyah and Shyne interview viral teen sensation Backpack Kid. Listen in as he talks about balancing fame and school, how he really felt when he saw his dance in the “Fortnite” video game and what he plans to do when he turns 18. Be sure to check him out at his first annual Clout Fest at The Loft in Atlanta on May 25.

Music provided by B. Young and Vintage Sound Beats.

Third Eye POV: EP1 – Exploitation in Music

In this pilot episode of VOXATL’s new podcast, Third Eye Point of View, host Atiyah and co-host Shyne along with guest co-host, Rin discuss the topics of exploitation in music, capitalism and De La Soul vs Tommy Boy Records. They also discuss what young artists and talented teens should be aware of when entering the entertainment industry.

Special thanks to B. Young and Vintage Sound for the beats.