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Justice Seekers EP. 3: Performative Activism in Action [PODCAST]

This week on Justice Seekers, one of our co-hosts, Sanjna, dives deeper into internet activism and specific types such as “clicktivism” and PowerPoint activism. She also talks about past events like the 2021 Met Gala, Pride Month, and the BLM Protests of 2020. She covers multiple perspectives on how these acts of what seemed to be harmful ways to raise awareness, have hidden dangers that slow the movement for justice.

Justice Seekers EP. 2: Activism vs “Slacktivism” [PODCAST]

VOX ATL’s Sanjna and A’Marie present the second episode of “Justice Seekers.”

About the show, Sanjna says: “We are youth empowering youth who aim to promote inclusivity among youth and amplify underrepresented voices everywhere while informing and raising awareness to current day issues ranging from politics to academic struggles and mental health.”

In this episode they discuss the pros and cons of activism and “slacktivism” on social media.

While there is much debate over the right way to protest in a time like this, Instagram users, specifically Instagram celebrities, have favored a new type of activism, one that I like to call “cryptic activism.” This month’s #blackouttuesday” is the hashtag being heard around the world. Originally started by local artists on Tumblr such…

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