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Atlanta Teens Are Already Addicted to Pokémon Go!

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The new Pokémon Go app has created somewhat of an epidemic among young phone users across the country. The game already has 21 million active users per day, according to Forbes magazine, edging past Candy Crush’s 20 million users. It is the biggest mobile game in history.

The game involves a lot of physical movement and venturing out into various parts of a city. We went out into the streets of Atlanta to get an idea of how people feel about this game.

In the heavily populated CNN center downtown, we noticed many people gathered in circles with their phones out or walking with their phones leading them in different directions.

Most of our interviewees were between the ages of 14 and 19. They all agreed that Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon among today’s app users.

Maddox, 19, told us she plays the game an average of five hours a day. “It’s like a GPS,” she says. “I’ve been ending up everywhere.”  This is because the Pokémon Go app requires players go around to different locations to catch Pokémon. People have even gone out to sea to catch Pokémon in Wellington, New Zealand. Local kayakers took the game to new levels by paddling into the middle of the sea to catch one. According to Forbes, the game accumulates about $1.6 million in revenue every day.

New users are constantly being persuaded to get in on the fun. Brooke Kilman, 17, was just now downloading the game when we spoke with her. “They’re always in my way,” she explains. “Earlier today they were all in a tree,” she recalls.

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Pokémon Go is expected to surpass Snapchat downloads on Android devices within the next couple of days.

Almost all of the people we talked to told us they have not experienced any accidents while playing the game. “It’s very entertaining and fun,” said Thomas, 16. “I haven’t had any accidents.” Thomas said he plays the game for about two to three hours per day.

As new users like Brooke are joining in everyday, we see a bright future for this game. Where will Pokémon Go go next?

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