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MegaBus or MegaFail?

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So, say school just got out and your parents want to send you to your Aunt Carol’s lake house in Richmond, Virginia for the fifth summer in a row. Usually, your siblings and your parents come with you, but this time it’s just you. Your parents want to stay home and your siblings have volleyball and soccer camps. You definitely don’t want to fly because that’ll drain your two years saving for that Thrasher skateboard you’ve been craving after for about your whole life. Taking the train won’t only drain your savings, but you run the risk of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of old people. Now how are you going to get to Richmond from Atlanta? You could take the bus.

The bus probably seems like a very appealing option. But then you find out that Greyhound, the oldest and probably most noted bus service, is at least $50 per person. You also realize in that same moment that you don’t have $50. What do you do now? Well, you can ride the MegaBus.

The MegaBus originated in Europe and is now a mode of transportation that is also popular in the United States and Canada. There is also a MegaBus station conveniently positioned right here in Atlanta at the Civic Center MARTA Station. Destinations that you can reach from the Atlanta station go as far north as Buffalo, NY and as far west as Ohio.

So you finally decide to take the bus. Now what should you do to prepare? There are a few things you need to know that I learned from my own recent MegaBus experiences:

  1. Bring one bag to put under the bus and one or two carry-on bags.

  2. Get to the station early and make sure to put your bags in the line of luggage you already see forming.

  3. Note: this luggage line seems to be an organization tactic we only do in Atlanta. Do not expect this at other bus depots.

  4. Make sure you have your reservation confirmation either on your phone or on paper to show to the bus driver.

  5. Get ready for some shifty WIFI. On some buses it works great! On others, you may have trouble connecting to your Netflix … er, audiobook.

So have fun at Aunt Carol’s lake house with no wifi and no signal. And be safe on your way there on the MegaBus!




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