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Artist’s Statement: Chiron is a 19-year-old photographer & journalist from the south side of Atlanta whose purpose in creating this series of photos is to examine and break down the views of justice from different angles through a staged photoshoot. To them, justice is something that acts of fairness and equity under a certain moral principle. The photos they chose for this project are meant to capture what justice could look like to anyone from varying moral backgrounds while still recognizing what justice looks like to me in this setting.


College Park, GA. February 15, 2021.


This opening photo represents the balance between masculine and feminine energies — the way I feel justice should be represented — and that they flow, much like yin and yang, between power sharing and no one has ultimate power over another.  Atlanta. March 7, 2021


The second photo is meant to represent how the world is now and how a lot of people view it, that feminine energies are meant to be submissive to masculine energies. To me, this is a form of injustice. Atlanta. March 7, 2021.


The third and final photo in this series represents the inverse of the of the second photo, but still not justice. The photo is representative of a world or system where masculine energies submit to feminine energies. Atlanta. March 7, 2021


About Chiron

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Chiron is a 19 year old photographer and graphic designer who enjoys baking in their free time. They have a cat named Nine and can easily be found picking flowers to press or ...

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