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Change My Name to Amy

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In today’s society, I feel like I should hate my race.

I should flat out bleach my skin white, turn my hair blonde, get blue contacts and change my name to Amy.

To be black in America is like being an encaged monkey.

They tell you that you can’t get out, but finally when you do, you become savage, frightful, and scary.

You know there were times I thought to myself, “If I was white, what would life be?”

Would I be rich, would I be privileged and get anything and everything I wanted?

Or would everything be the same?

I feel as if white people see us as thugs, ghetto, stupid, etc.

Why when I put on a hoodie and go to the corner store, you feel as if I’m going to take something?

Why when I get pulled over and you, Mr. Officer,  are supposed to be helping my community, but instead as I reach for my license, you shoot me down and say “self-defense?”

Maybe I should just bleach my skin, turn my hair blonde, and get colored contacts.

Maybe life would be easier.

Simone, 15, is a sophomore at Chamblee High School and a member of this fall’s VOX Investigates team, which is exploring the topic of race. 

VOX invites your original poetry, stories and art, too! Email, and include your name, age, school (if applicable) and contact information. Thanks!

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