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What a Wonderful Universe

by share

The stars are for you.

The brightness or the the bleakness of its view is all for you.

The way rhythms and good vibes coincide through the bass in your headphones is all for you.

Guitar riffs and lyricists, sneakers and ballet slippers. How great — it’s all up to you.

Afros and headbangers, sci-fi, and band tees

Your cocoa of skin is bright as neon among all these commonalities.

Yet, it’s still all for you.

Devise the indecisive and let them know that this too is your world.

Your curls are not too unruly to roam the streets alone at 2am

to catch a movie and still make it home

or write as a legend, as a better Shakespeare

to take hold of your throne

What a wonderful world.

One you can choose to live in vivid colors.

You are an artist, a scientist, a visionary.

All of this just happens to come in many shades and colors.


Destine loves dance and all forms of art. vox-dialogue_final930

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