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The Art of Instagramming

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If you have an Instagram account, you are probably one of two types of people: you are either a person who looks at an Instagram feed as a type of art form, or you’re a person who sees Instagram as a platform to share your life and experiences. If you’re a person who wants a nice feed that you think other people will admire, read on!

Step One: Decide a central theme for your new feed

Deciding a central theme for your feed is very essential to the productivity, success and overall aesthetics of your feed. Your central theme could be a color, a certain filter, or an idea.

For example, my feed (pictured above) is a bunch of artsy pictures I found on Tumblr of women of color, accompanied by a single selfie that sort of matched the flow while also letting my followers know what I look like, a picture of some Tumblr-looking food, and another mirror selfie. Therefore, my theme is sort of artsy and aesthetically pleasing.

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Step Two: Gather photos for your feed

Obviously, you need pictures to have a feed. If your goal is to have an artsy aesthetic feed, Tumblr is a pretty good place to look. If you want to have a more photography based feed then you can just use pictures you take. If you want a feed with nice quotes, other people’s Instagram accounts are a cool place to start. Just make sure you give them photo creds.

For example, if you want an artsy aesthetic feed based on a color, Tumblr or another source of photos would be a great place to look.


Step Three: Master the art of captions

Captions are extremely important components of having a good feed, because when people scroll down their timeline, they’ll see an individual picture. So they’re more likely to see an individual picture and like it than to see your entire feed. Your caption and the picture are what draws people to your page where they can see your entire feed. Captions don’t necessarily have to describe the picture, but the caption should be very simple and open-ended. If you have an artsy feed, then you should accompany it with artsy captions. Sometimes, no caption is better than an unnecessary caption.

Sarcasm is always encouraged.

All in all, just make sure your feed represents your tastes and interests. Never try to make your feed like somebody else’s. People will recognize you as a fake, and you will be treated as unoriginal. Be creative and experimental and have fun with your new feed!


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