VOX VAX: Covering COVID-19 Vaccine

VOX ATL is here to share youth voices and information about the COVID-19 vaccine — from teens’ original stories to resources for youth. 

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VOX ATL’s vaccine-related stories


Here’s how you or teens you work with can speak up about the vaccine: 

1. For Atlanta-area teens interested in sharing a vaccine-related story:  

VOX ATL will support teens* 1:1 who want to: 

  • write an opinion column, a personal story about their experience or a reported piece about something going on in the community. 
  • record a video or audio on their own, OR 
  • schedule a supported recording with a VOX teen and adult staff member who can guide them through the process that gets transcribed & possibly turned into a podcast.  

* Teens who plan to produce your own piece for publication, please check out our story check-list.

All VOX ATL content is uncensored and goes through our editorial process (you get to work with VOX teen and adult editors to make your story the best it can be). Click here to submit your story. 

2. For group projects, like a self-expression workshop, podcast or vidcast with VOX ATL

We are offering virtual and in-person sessions at the VOX ATL office, within our COVID-safety guidelines.  At this time, only registered VOX ATL teen participants can participate in in-person programming. However, we’re happy to bring virtual workshop or self-expression session to community partners

Please click here to learn more about VOX ATL’s community offerings and to sign up as a partner. 

3. To share your own organization’s story and/or events/invitations: 

  • Teens don’t have to wait for a reporter to share their stories and events. Teens can write, create audio or video to report on activities or provide a preview or invitation to event(s). See #1 above. 
  • To promote your event(s) via VOX ATL’s social media, please share your event registration link & IG-sized (square) promotion and/or teens’ self-recorded video with a caption to editor@voxatl.org. (For examples, see VOX ATL’s IG @voxroxatl).

Feel free to reach out to Rachel or Allison if you have questions or other ideas. 

VOX ATL is a grantee partner of the Greater Atlanta COVID-19 Recovery and Response 
Fund, a partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and United Way of Greater Atlanta. Our grant supports outreach and uncensored youth voices around the important topic of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Click here for #voxvax, VOX ATL’s vaccine-related stories