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We decided to tackle the racial disparities within the criminal justice system by conducting several different interviews, which gave us a professional, personal and general point of view. Read on
It’s an experience most students are familiar with: sitting in a room with 20 or so classmates, suddenly anxious to avoid eye contact as the teacher announces the start of their mandatory sex education unit. Read on
Has the United States failed people who are homeless? What are the causes of this problem in Atlanta? Who is affected by this problem? And what can we do to change it? Four teens from set off to find out. Read on
This is what Jesse from “New Girl” thinks she is, and what Margo Roth Spiegelman “Paper Towns” definitely is. They all are hyper, excitable, quirky young women with a passion for life. Read on
Working as an intern for Congressman Lewis, I was constantly reminded to never be afraid to do what I believe is morally correct, even if the act itself may not be completely correct. I was reminded to cause "good trouble." Read on
Affirmative action: It’s one of those issues that surfaces infrequently but stirs a lot of heated debate when it does. Depending on who you ask, it’s either a wonderful thing that continues to help minorities today, something that was good once but has served its purpose, or something that hurts the people that it was…

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