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Younger women are an important target group in any presidential election. They may not always have the same political views as their older counterparts, as this election especially shows. Read on
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Music plays a very important part in our culture right now. People use music to wake up, work out, party, etc. I combined some current personal favorites and songs that specifically relate to the summertime with the help of the Billboard Hot 100 list to curate this summer 2k16 playlist. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” —…

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Now that we have this first look into these highly anticipated cinematic experiences, are they what we expected or are they disappointing? Read on
Atlanta is covered with all types of beautiful street art, some legal and some not. As controversial as some of this art may be, I wanted to highlight some of the beautiful works of street art in Atlanta. Read on
Playgrounds aren’t just for children anymore. Modern playgrounds are sustainable, interactive and generally pleasant to look at, and it’s for these reasons that they are art. Read on
Teens today from almost any background have the tools necessary to start filmmaking. Here's Mikael's top five tips to get started. Read on