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Michelle Hiskey

I’m the Hero of My Story – VOX Volunteer Michelle Hiskey Looks Back

Thirty years later, veteran VOX Teen Communications volunteer Michelle Hiskey still remembers the name of her first teen writing mentor — Mark Bialczak. At age 15, the College Park, Maryland teen and self-described voracious newspaper reader had deposited herself at the Prince Georges Journal sports editor’s desk seeking a job. “He initially struck me as…

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VOX Produces New Brand and Home for Teen Voice

ATLANTA, June 26, 2015 — After 22 years of providing a safe home for Atlanta teenagers to express themselves, VOX is proud to provide share its new digital home — VOXATL.COM — for those voices to be sought, sharpened and shared about the issues affecting Atlanta-area teens today. “Not only is the new website easy…

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Advocating for Youth Is Crucial

Some of our youth — current foster youth, some from group homes and some youth who are about to age out of the system — came together and brainstormed ideas for stories they wanted to share with the world. The simple fact is other youth are going through the same thing and may not know…

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Lost In a Cloud of Smoke

Being the youngest of a family of junkies, I was already expected to do drugs. After I was placed in foster care the first time at age nine, that’s when my family really started splitting apart. I had moved in with my aunt and uncle so my immediate family just lost all hope. My mom…

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Orphaned At a Young Age

The wonder of my life, both of my loving parents were gone, and not gone for a while but gone forever. It wasn’t easy, but I made it through. When I was 19 years old, I was in my sister’s dorm room at Georgia State University when my aunty from Nigeria called her. After they…

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Even When You Think You Have No Options, You Do

There were a lot of people that thought the world was going to end in 2012. For me, the end happened in 2013. That’s when my life changed forever. Being 15 years old already has its problems, but I had just a few more. At that time, I was being verbally and physically abused by…

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Running Away from Your Problems Won’t Help

By fighting a lot in school, I became a criminal that was crying out for help. I started fighting at the age of six. I had a lot of anger in me because of my past and at the time that was all I knew how to handle my problems. All the stuff around me…

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Faith in Your Future

Survival depends on how you identify the struggle you have to overcome. The struggle of allowing a time or an event to constantly linger upon your heart can be overwhelming. I admit openly that I am a victim of multiple situations that had overcome me. I have been raped multiple times by my father. I…

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The Phone Call

    I had just graduated from military school. It was also my 18th birthday. They were having a party for me. Then I got a phone call from my biological mother. And I was expecting a “congratulations” and for her to say she was proud of me. Boy, was I wrong!  She told me…

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