Supporter Spotlight: Debbie Segal

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VOX Roles: Board 2004 – 10 (Vice Chair 2006 – 08; Chair 2008 – 09)

Today: Retired from the full-time practice of law after a career of legal and probono services. Looking forward to using the other side of my brain!

I joined VOX because: I was at a site visit for The Atlanta Women’s Foundation visiting VOX. Having a grant interview with teens at the table was the first striking thing. And having the teens answer the questions that were being asked of the staff without prompting or coaching was spectacular.

My favorite VOX memory is: Seeing Octavia [Fugerson] come in hiding under her hoodie, not saying a word for three hours, and then seeing her two years later in front of a room full of 1,400 women, talking about her experiences, was huge. Then, there’s Mo [Alabi] – who came in with grand ideas, and VOX gave her the tools to implement them. She was going to make the most of her experience — she was the most directed of the kids I knew well. VOX set her on her path. She may not have had the access to the tools she needed.

VOX’s impact on me: Coming in on a Saturday and seeing 10 kids crowded around one computer, realizing if we could just bottle that diversity we could save the world. They were all so different — came from different places, clustered around having fun and learning.



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