25 Days of VOX: Susan Landrum

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In honor of VOX’s 25th birthday on May 13, 2018, we are celebrating 25 Days of VOX! For the 25 days leading up to our birthday, we will be sharing short profiles of 25 people who have been a part of VOX’s journey during our first quarter century. Follow along to learn more about the people who have made VOX the place where teens speak and Atlanta listens. Check out the other profiles here.

Susan Landrum is VOX’s current Executive Director. She started at VOX in May 2014 as the Manager of Development & Outreach and served as the Program & Outreach Director and Associate Director before moving into her current role in March 2017! 

What’s your favorite VOX memory?
The ice cream fire drill of Summer 2016 [pictured above – every time we have a fire drill at Peachtree Center, the building management team provides all the tenants with ice cream!]. Or the end of the semester party in December 2015. I had just finished my first few months as Program Director and the teens surprised me with a book they had written in with encouraging notes. And the day that Mikael and a group of teens gave me the poster they had created for my new position. And of course supporting the VOXcast team in recording the first episode of the podcast. Getting to hear Mack Walker say the phrase “a little known band named U2” is something I will never forget. There are too many to choose from! There are so many days at VOX that fill me up.

What impact has VOX had on you?
VOX has invited me to be a more authentic and loving person and I hope in turn to always ensure that VOX does that for other people.

What’s your hope for VOX’s future?
We’ve got incredible programming and it’s time for us to grow as a movement around youth voice. The time is right for it. Communities are only as strong as the young people who are growing up in them. Working at VOX, I get to support a local organization in the city that I grew up in. It means a lot to draw on my own experience and connect with people who are growing up here now and see what’s getting better and what challenges still remain.

What 3 words would you use to describe VOX?
Revolutionary, creative, loving

Learn more about VOX’s 25th birthday and how you can support this milestone here.


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