25 Days of VOX: Raisa Habersham

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In honor of VOX’s 25th birthday on May 13, 2018, we are celebrating 25 Days of VOX! For the 25 days leading up to our birthday, we will be sharing short profiles of 25 people who have been a part of VOX’s journey during our first quarter century. Follow along to learn more about the people who have made VOX the place where teens speak and Atlanta listens. Check out the other profiles here.

Raisa Habersham is a VOX alumna! After her time at VOX as a teenager, she served as an alumni intern and our News & Features editor. She’s pictured above on the bottom right during her summer as one of our alumni interns! You might recognize a few other faces in the photo.

When did you join VOX?
I joined VOX as an intern with their Raise Your Voice summer program (as it was called then) in 2006. I was a senior at Benjamin E. Mays High School, so I felt like I missed out on a lot of VOX experiences by the time I joined. However, that one year led to many great opportunities my high school paper couldn’t provide career-wise.

What are you up to now?
Now, I’m a breaking news reporter with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It’s been my dream to work there since I was 4 and it’s hard to argue VOX didn’t play a role in achieving it. My first visit to the AJC was during the RYV summer program. I stayed up the night before, excitedly thinking about the visit and dosed in and out of sleep during the trip, LOL!

What’s your favorite VOX memory?
My favorite VOX memory was going to an LL Cool J concert at The Tabernacle (and yes, in 2006, LL Cool J was still a thing!). A few VOXers and I saw his tour bus parked outside VOX’s building (which was owned by The Tabernacle) and tried sneaking a glance (or more) of him. When the adult staff realized what we were doing, they offered to reach out to The Tabernacle and secure us tickets. We were front row that night! I remember nearly every single detail of that evening. The shared LL Cool J fandom is something I treasure with girls, now women, who I still love today!

What’s your hope for VOX’s future?
I’ve always hoped VOX reaches a national level. We’ve been around 25 years and part of what makes us great is that we cater to teens on a local level. But, I’ve always hoped the VOX model becomes so well-known it’s adopted in other states. Journalism talent can’t always grow at high school newspapers; an independent paper model is essential in helping teens share their voice. I also hope VOX gets a larger space; I love the colorfulness of the Peachtree Center location, but a larger space would allow for more collaborative opportunities with other organizations.

What 3 words would you use to describe VOX?
Honest, necessary, fun

Learn more about VOX’s 25th birthday and how you can support this milestone here.


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