25 Days of VOX: Jeremy Helton

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In honor of VOX’s 25th birthday on May 13, 2018, we are celebrating 25 Days of VOX! For the 25 days leading up to our birthday, we will be sharing short profiles of 25 people who have been a part of VOX’s journey during our first quarter century. Follow along to learn more about the people who have made VOX the place where teens speak and Atlanta listens. Check out the other profiles here.

Jeremy Helton is a VOX alum and was one of the first 13 teens who helped create VOX in 1993! He’s pictured above with some of the other founding teens and Rachel Alterman Wallack celebrating the release of our very first edition. 

When did you join VOX? I was one of the founding teens so I guess that would mean I joined in 1993!

What are you up to now? I am the VP, Marketing & Communications for a global podcasting company. We host, distribute, produce and monetize podcasts.  I also produce spoken word audio projects from time to time.

What’s your favorite VOX memory? I have a lot of fond memories from my time at VOX but my favorite memory is of the time we held a press conference at our office in response to the banning of VOX in Clayton County Schools. I believe this was in our first year and the reason Clayton County School principals banned the paper was because of an article about gay teenagers written by our colleague Elizabeth Henderson. That moment stands out for me because it showed that VOX was making an impact on our city and also showed that we were willing to respectfully and responsibly stand by the work we were doing.

What’s your hope for VOX’s future? I’m a little biased here, but I would love to see VOX explore podcasting as a means of telling stories and teaching valuable skills. I think it would be a wonderful extension of what VOX is already doing in print and online and would provide a new, and engaging way to distribute content.

What 3 words would you use to describe VOX? I would describe VOX as inspiring, supportive and collaborative.

Learn more about VOX’s 25th birthday and how we’re going to make Jeremy’s hope for VOX’s future come true with our new podcast studio here.


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