2018 VOX Hall of Fame: Nadia Rahali

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Each fall at our Homecoming event, we honor the latest inductees into the VOX Hall of Fame. This year, we are excited to celebrate four members of the VOX community in this way, including Nadia Rahali! She served on the VOX Board of Directors and continues to champion VOX’s work in countless ways, including hosting VOX events (from Homecoming to VOXapalooza to poetry slams) at the Loudermilk Center. Nadia is pictured above on the left with other VOX Board members and teens. Read on to hear from Nadia about her involvement with VOX.

How did you get involved with VOX?
It was through a simple invitation by Ray McNair who was serving on the board to attend a VOX open house. I had no idea who VOX was and what it did, I trusted Ray and said: Yes. When I got to the VOX offices it was filled with amazing energy and aliveness. The youth leaders were fully self-expressed, they gave me a tour and we got to hear their commitment to giving Atlanta’s youth a safe space to be heard. I was so touched by my experience at VOX and I knew that I wanted to be of service to the teens.

Members of VOX’s adult staff with Nadia at her office

What’s your favorite memory from your time at VOX?
So hard to narrow it to one…working on the organization’s strategic plan with the teens and creating possibilities. Dreaming of outposts in other countries!

Why is VOX important for teens?
VOX is a community where everyone is supported. Whatever the teens are dealing with on the outside, whatever the constrains or obstacles are…when they enter VOX anything is possible. They get to create, perform and be empowered to push through the limitations.

Why is VOX important for the community?
It’s the FUTURE .

What’s your hope for VOX’s future?
Our own building!

What three words would you use to describe VOX?
Authentic + Fun + Generous

Join us on Saturday, October 20 as we celebrate Nadia! Details and tickets here. And check out our blog for information about our other honorees! 


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