100 Days

Jeff Romig Bowling
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By Jeff Romig, Executive Director

This past Halloween, I initiated a mission.

I decided that for the next 100 days, I would work daily on being healthy and happy.

To myself, I called it ‘Healthy by 39’ as 100 days from Halloween 2016 would be Feb. 7, 2017.

Today is my 39th birthday, and I’m well on my way to being healthier and happier than I have in years. But these facts have come through some difficult decisions and by embracing some pretty monumental changes.

First, I’m healthier physically. I’ve lost 23 pounds. I’m eating better on a daily basis. I’ve stopped drinking sodas in favor of water. I’m meal-planning and cooking consistently rather than eating out or having food delivered. I’m building the routines in this area that I intended.

Second, my finances are in order. I have a plan to eliminate all credit card debt, and I’m managing my personal finances in a consistent, efficient fashion that’s helping me save money and prepare more effectively for my future.

Finally, and most importantly for this blog post, I’m making a pretty major career change.

After the November election, I decided that while I couldn’t impact much on a national scale, I wanted to do more to create impact on a daily basis here in Atlanta, my home and the city I love. To do this in the way I was envisioning, I would have to resign from my role as VOX’s executive director.

VOX needs someone who — on an every-day basis — will have the organization and our teens at the core of his or her focus. Through this soul-searching, I decided that in order to make the impact I want to make across the Atlanta community, this leadership at VOX couldn’t be me any longer.

So, I decided to start Five Points Civic Strategies, a civic impact firm, so I could work daily to create impact in Atlanta’s political, nonprofit and civic spaces. I informed VOX’s Board Chair, Jessica Casey, of this decision on Jan. 5, and by Jan. 28, VOX had hired our associate director, Susan Landrum, to take my place as VOX’s executive director after I leave on March 10.

Susan is the perfect choice for this role, and the person I hoped to see take over. I’m thrilled for VOX and Susan, and I can’t wait to see her launch our organization into the future. And I won’t be far away. I love VOX, and I will continue to be a donor, supporter and volunteer.

Today, on my birthday, I can not only celebrate my 39 years, but the past 100 days that have helped me become healthier and happier, while setting the stage for my next chapter.